Saturday, January 14, 2012

Holidays in Review

In an effort to get my blogging fingers back and to have some record of what I made for the holidays and such (so I will remember to make or not make again), I'm making this post of mostly links and no pictures. I'm planning on using the blog for my senior project (I graduate in May, yippee!), so hopefully there will be new fun ideas and nutritional information coming soon!

Let's see...for Thanksgiving we went to Branson, MO where Yakov Smirnoff actually has his own theater! We didn't see the show, but did see my grandparents, aunts and cousins. We also went to Silver Dollar City with my mom and sister and that was a lot of fun! G3 rode his first roller coaster. I took a huge veggie lasagna for the vegetarian contribution to the dinner. It was some combination of spinach, ricotta and mushrooms. The night before Thanksgiving, we went to another family Christmas in Collierville and I made a version of this mushroom pasta. I used sauteed fresh cremini mushrooms, kale and onion for the vegetable layer and used Cavatappi pasta because I like that best in macaroni and cheese type dishes.

For family and friends Christmas gifts, I made  these Sugar and Spice Almonds and put them in pretty little diamond-patterned mason jars. These were AWESOME. Terribly addictive. I think I made 9 or 10 pounds and maybe ate as many as a gave away. I'm sure I will make them again, but next time I may think about less cinnamon and maybe some herbs, like rosemary.

Christmas Eve we went to my father-in-law's house and he made delicious eggplant spaghetti. We had Christmas brunch at our house with quite a few guests. Actually more than we expected, which was fine since I made what my brother-in-law dubbed "magic eggs" because they seemed to feed everybody.  I made all of these brunchy casserole dishes the day before, so it was no more than popping everything in the oven the day of.
The spinach and tomato strata was the magic one. It had a great flavor. I made it a little spicy by upping the cayenne. I also made this smaller simple cheese strata. G2 loves French toast, so I thought I'd add a little sweet and made this French Toast Casserole. We had these with a salad with blue cheese, cherries and walnuts, roasted baby potatoes, and huge salmon platter our guests brought. We had plenty of food for 30 people. (We also had a cheese and grape platter and lots of mimosas!).

I had lots of egg yolks left from making the nuts (they required an egg white per pound), so I tried my hand at this Lemon Curd and it was good! For a New Year's Eve party at my bestie's house, I put the curd in little baby filo shells and topped with a raspberry. I also made this funny little take on caviar for that party.

I went down to another friend's house for Black Eye Peas and Greens on New Year's Day, but on the Tuesday after New Year's I made this soup. I used a bag of frozen black eye peas and a bag of crowder peas and quite a bit more greens than it called for. This was a big bowl of healthy to try to get us on track for the New Year.

Happy New Year (a few weeks late)! One of my resolutions is to step up the blog a bit, and maybe actually post about some delicious and healthy food (lemon curd does not fit into the latter) in the coming months.


  1. That strata is a modern miracle. It's like the loaves and fishes from the Bible. I swear. I doubled the recipe for Calliope's christening and we had leftovers for days. Thanks for the tip, sis.

  2. Glad to see you update your blog! I enjoy reading it.