Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

Whew! We had a busy weekend with lots of good food, but not many photos. Friday night we went to eat with some friends at one of our many (many) local Mexican restaurants, El Toro Loco. Graham's standard at any of the usual Mexican places is a spinach quesadilla, along with lots of chips and Guacomole. I made G2 a special father's day breakfast on Saturday, knowing we wouldn't have time with church and all on Sunday. I made the Better Homes and Gardens pancakes and his all-time favorite, tofu scrambler. I'd prefer eggs, but he loves that stuff, so I make it for him on special occasions. Then he and Graham went swimming while I did some shopping to have a little picnic at the Levitt Shell. I made some this hummus and added a roasted red pepper into the processor to make it red pepper hummus. I put it on a multi-grain tortilla with locally grown cucumber, green pepper and tomatoes, and threw some feta, cilantro and calamata olives on that. Wraps are a perfect picnic food, and gave Graham the energy to rock out to the Bo-Keys.

On actual Father's Day, we met the family at church and then went to my brother & sister-in-law's house for a fantastic brunch. Eggs with veggie toppings, homemade biscuits, potatoes and melon-ade. Arugula salad with peaches, rainier cherries, bleu cheese was my contribution to the brunch. The dressing was a simple with hazelnut oil and champagne vinegar. My favorite part of the weekend was when Graham, G2 and I got home and took a little family nap on our big chair. Moments like that seem priceless to me. Graham is very lucky to have such a great daddy! They really have a lot of fun together.

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  1. I see G2 named his boat after hi favorite dish...(tofu) Scrambler.