Thursday, January 6, 2011

Belated Christmas Recap

I feel like I can't just totally skip over Christmas, since it involves so much food, even though it was three weeks ago. So, from what I can recall, here is some of what we ate.

First, I spent a few days the week before Christmas making The Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls. I had never made homemade cinnamon rolls before and thought it would be a good give a way for Christmas. She has a great step-by-step tutorial for cinnamon roll beginners like myself. Watching the dough rise was fun!
And rolling it out was, too. Graham had a blast helping me add all the ingredients together and playing with pieces of the yeast dough. But, these are crazy ridiculously bad for you. Don't tell the pioneer woman, but I *only* used a cup of butter rather than the 1 1/2 to 2 cups she recommended for the cinnamony filling. I did two batches of these bad boys and it made about 15 pans of cinnamon rolls. I also did a vanilla rather than the maple/coffee frosting for half of the second batch. G2 said they were like liquid cinnamon rolls, and well, he was kind of right. These were a nice splurge for the holidays, but I have got to get rid of the remaining 3 pans in my freezer or else! I am glad I made them ahead, since the oven went out Christmas morning. More on that later.

We had Christmas brunch at our house after a fun Christmas Eve party at my brother-in-law's house. When I woke up Christmas Eve morning ready to bake the rest of the cookie dough for Santa's late night cookies, our oven kept turning itself off. Needless to say, this led to a bit of a panic. But, I kept trying and eventually it came on, so I cooked away! Made the cookies, then roasted some fingerling potatoes with olive oil, field roast veggie sausage and onions. The main course that day was this massive Spinach and Artichoke Bread Pudding. I pretty much followed the recipe, but made it oh-so-much lighter by using half and half rather than the heavy cream it called for. I am so happy the oven worked long enough for me to get those done, because of course, with 15 people coming for Christmas morning, it wasn't happening. So, we utilized the grill to heat up the bread pudding, the microwave for the potatoes, and the toaster oven for the cinnamon rolls. It was all McGuyver up in here. I also made this nice Fennel and Orange Salad, but added avocados and used a lot more arugula. We also had a nice smoked salmon platter for those who wanted a little meat with their meal. With the addition of my grandma's deviled eggs, Dianne's cheese grits and my father-in-law's cauliflower mashed potatoes, we had a pretty great spread! And of course, mimosas to round it all out. We also had three cakes for dessert, coconut, apple, and my sister-in-law's amazing Pistachio Cocoa Spice Cake. It was a great Christmas! I just hope they get the part for my oven before Graham's birthday...Now, on to the New Year!


  1. How cute is it that you thought watching dough rise was fun? Now, THAT is a sign of a REAL enthusiast. =) Fun.

    Those rolls sound HEAVENLY. I decided years ago if I could magically make one, and only ONE, food have zero calories, it'd be giant cinnamon rolls with pecans (e.g., cinnabun, or any we make, etc.). They are THAT amazing.

  2. *If* I ever make them again (they seriously probably have the daily alloted amount for fat in one) I will totally add nuts!