Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pumpkin Squares and Thanksgiving

I realize Thanksgiving was last week but finals are next week, so I'm just getting around to it. As for the Thanksgiving was great! We had two this year, one with my husband's mother's side of the family and one with my sister-in-law's family plus all of mine. (I love all of the apostrophes that go along with describing family. I could make this much more complicated, but I'll leave it at that). They were both great. Good food, nice company, drama free. Since both were hosted at other people's (there it is again!) houses, I didn't have much cooking to do. Funny thing is, desserts were requested for both, so I searched the web for some recipes. My mom sometimes makes a really complicated (i.e. lots of steps) pumpkin roll around the holidays that is delicious. She didn't do it this year, so for a substitute I made these much easier pumpkin squares. They were kind of cakey, but very moist and delicious. They were much thicker in the middle of the pan, so I might try a bigger jelly roll pan if I make them again. I made the cake part the day before so I just had to ice them before we went to the party. I used an 8 oz package of cream cheese (the recipe called for 3 oz), and it made too much, but it was tasty. I also sprinkled some dried cranberries on top.

For Thanksgiving day, I made the roasted sweet potato and brussels sprouts dish but added more walnuts and about 1/2 cup blue cheese crumbles when it came out of the oven. The blue cheese added a nice flavor and Graham still loved it! Especially the little bit we had left over the next day. I also made this pumpkin pie recipe, which I thought was just okay. I like my pie to have much more spice and this one was pretty mild. It was very creamy, though, and better cold for breakfast. Along with health, happiness, great friends and family, coffee and pumpkin pie for breakfast is a serious thing to be thankful for.

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