Friday, August 13, 2010

Watermelon Basil Sorbet

I know I made a similar post about this time last year. My grandmother gave me another gargantuan watermelon (32 pounds!). It's not like this was the only one she grew, either. That lady can grow some serious watermelon! Graham and I spent about an hour cutting and juicing and eating and de-seeding the monster this morning. He just sat on the counter as happy as a June bug snacking on the watermelon the whole time. To make the sorbet, I put chunks of watermelon in the blender and then strained it through a mesh strainer into a pitcher to get the seeds out. I combined about 4 cups of this juice with 1 cup of simple syrup. For the simple syrup, I mixed 1 cup of sugar into 1 cup of water with a handful of basil and the zest of a lime and let it simmer for a while. Strained the lime and basil leaves out and mixed it in. Then I let the mix chill in the fridge for about 4 hours. Most of the sorbet recipes I looked at recommended that step. Then I just poured it into the ice cream maker. It was fantastic with a little sea salt sprinkled over the top. Yay for frozen treats!

I cut up about half of it for snacks and just juiced the rest. We will be watermeloned out by the end of the week!


  1. I am doing a search for a watermelon sorbet recipe right now...when I scrolled down, I said to myself, "Wow, that looks just like baby Graham"!! Hey Bianca, and thanks for the tip!

  2. Let me know how it turns out!