Wednesday, August 11, 2010


There are so many versions of this dish out there, I honestly have no idea what the authentic one is. There are more elegant recipes (I plan to make this one soon), rustic, sautéed, baked, roasted, all of the above...I make my varying version fairly often, especially in the summer when all the veggies are in season. Of course, mine is more of an easy version than an elegant one. The hardest part is chopping all the veggies, but this is one of those great dishes where I can chop and add to the pan as I go. Truth be told, I don't even like eggplant very much. G2 loves it. Over the years it's grown on me a little bit, and I do love all of the veggies in this dish. Lots of nutrients, but pretty light. Even though it seems like a stew to me, it really is perfect for summer.

olive oil
1 onion, diced (or slivered)
3-4 cloves of garlic, minced
1 medium eggplant, cubed(about 4 cups. I also like Japanese eggplant in this)
2 bell peppers, chopped
4-5 tomatoes, chopped (I often use a few cans of diced tomatoes, but I had a bunch of tomatoes I needed to use this time around)
3-4 small squash, zucchini or both (I prefer zucchini because I like the green, but no one had any at the farmer's market today, so I used a huge squash. Again, about 4 cups)
1 tsp Italian seasoning (not exactly Herbes de Provence, but whatever)
about 1/4 cup fresh herbs (basil and parsley this time. thyme is also good)
salt and pepper

In a sauce large pan or dutch oven, sauté the onion, garlic and generous pinch of salt in warm olive oil for 5 or 6 minutes until soft. Add peppers and eggplant and stir until coated in oil. Cover and cook for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally until eggplant browns a bit. Add squash, tomatoes and herbs and cover and cook for additional 15-20 minutes until everything sort of melds together.

My favorite way to eat it is over quinoa, plus that adds a little extra bulk and protein. I also diced a little mozzarella cheese over the top for Graham. He was slow to warm up to it, but we've had it a few times before and he loved it, so I'm blaming it on wanting to drum instead of eat. He did eventually end up eating a good portion of it. While drumming with his spoon along the way.

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