Friday, July 2, 2010

Skillet Squash Pasta

It was about a million degrees the other day, so I wanted to cook something that did not require the use of my oven or much time in the kitchen. I had also not been to the store in a few days (that's a stretch for me since it seems sometimes I'm there twice a day). I had been to the farmer's market, so I had a bunch of fresh squash. Upon surveying my other sundries, I threw together this pasta. Sauté slivered onions and garlic in olive oil until soft, add sliced squash and let it get coated with the oil. Add some Italian Seasoning blend or oregano, salt and pepper and a can of good diced tomatoes (fire roasted are my favorite, but I cheated and used 'Italian Style' ). Toss it with some cooked whole wheat penne pasta and top with cheese (I used fresh mozzarella since I happened to have some). The little one is quite the fan of pasta, so it was great with him. Good, quick, easy. Three of my favorite words.

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  1. how was the trip today? seriously, i could have pasta for every meal, no joke!