Monday, May 31, 2010

You Say Tomato...

Graham's new favorite food is tomatoes. Or, as he likes to call them, "bucchi bucchi boos". It's ridiculous. He yells, "bucchi bucchi boo" over and over again until I give him a tomato any time he sees one. It started with little grape tomatoes cut in half. Now he's moved on to eating the big ones whole like apples, as he is with his Pop there. I mean, down to the core. This is all fine and good until a few things being the worst diaper rash he's ever had. I can only assume it was from the acidity of the tomatoes because it's all he wanted to eat for a few days. It's better now, but I honestly had to hide tomatoes from him at home, in restaurants, the grocery store, for him to get over it. Now we're trying to keep his little habit in check. The other big problem is that his addiction has led to early harvesting. Yup, he is picking the green "baybee bucchi bucchi boos" and trying to eat them well before their ready. AND, it was an heirloom tomato! So, I guess it's not just the birds and squirrels I have to worry about. Those are Graham teeth marks...I saw him do it! He's going to really love the homegrown summer tomatoes, if we make it that far!

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  1. He is going to love being in our family because it looks like he happily inherited our extreme food focus!