Saturday, May 22, 2010


This is sort of another take on the Black Bean Roll-ups, but, you know, folded over instead. The best thing about quesadillas, and most sandwiches, is that you can, of course, put anything into them. In this particular version, I added shredded cheddar, black beans (with cumin and a bit of chile powder), sautéed red and green bell peppers, and tofu. This was another side product of tofu fajitas. To make a quesadilla, warm one side of the tortilla on a flat no-stick skillet, then flip it over and add the cheese then the other ingredients. Spread it over the half-way mark, and it will all come together better. Let the cheese almost completely melt, then fold it in half.

Let it get a little toasty on both sides, and ole! It's important to let it cool a bit before you slice it, or all of the cheese will come running out. Kids (including Graham) and grown ups alike almost always love a quesadilla!

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