Monday, June 7, 2010

Caprese Sandwich

One of G2's favorite things in the world is a caprese salad. We have to get one anytime we go out and they have it on the menu. I like to buy this mozarella at makes three or four times the amount of caprese concoctions you'd get at a restaurant for the same price. For Graham's sandwich, I simply sliced a few pieces of baguette and brushed the bread with basil olive oil. I layered a piece of fresh mozzarella cheese with thinly sliced tomatoes and some fresh basil from our garden. I put a nice balsamic vinegar and cracked pepper on mine and G2's, but skipped it on Graham's. I cut his sandwich into smaller pieces, but as usual, he just took it all apart to eat it. It makes a great little summertime lunch!

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