Friday, May 14, 2010

Roasted Summer Veggie Pasta

Technically, it's not summer yet, but I am so excited for the prospect of all of these veggies growing in my garden that I had to jump the gun. This is a super easy to make easy to eat easy to clean up pasta. It's pretty nutritious, to boot! Graham ate two plates for dinner, and everything I sent him for lunch the next day, so it's good and kid friendly cold, too!

For the veggies:
Preheat oven to 400
Toss sliced zucchini and yellow squash, sliced onion (I used yellow, but red onion would be pretty in this), cherry tomatoes, and un-peeled garlic cloves in olive oil on baking sheet along with sea salt and pepper to taste. (Eggpant would be a nice addition here, too, and will be when it grows in our garden!). Put in the oven for around 25 minutes, stirring occasionally. You'll know it's ready when the veggies get this great caramel color, the tomatoes start to wrinkle, and your whole house smells incredible. After finished in the oven, remove and let cool enough to get the skins off the garlic cloves. Keeping the skins on keeps the garlic from burning, but that garlic is HOT when trying to remove them. Toss it some more to let the garlicky flavor get a little mushed in, and put back in your turned off oven to keep it warm until the pasta is ready.

While the veggies are getting delicious, boil water for a 16 oz box of pasta. I used whole wheat penne. I almost always use whole wheat pasta. I don't think G2 even knows the difference, and G3 doesn't know any better. I actually prefer the taste, and it's much better from a nutritional stand point. After the pasta is done, drain and toss with the veggies and all their delicious juice. I added a bit of basil olive oil a friend gave me, but plain olive oil is good too. Toss in some fresh basil, ground black pepper and grated parmesan and it's done.

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