Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winter Fruits (or lack of...)

I miss the summer where a variety of fresh fruits abound. I am trying to add some variety to Graham's fruit life, outside of bananas, apples and pears. I have also been trying to find some fruits to send with him for lunch (he goes to Mother's Day Out twice a week while I have class) that won't brown like the previous three do. I've found a few. Probably a no-brainer for most people, but using frozen fruit just dawned on me last week. Sliced peaches are fantastic. I just thaw a few in the fridge over night and pack them with his lunch the next morning. Clementines are also a good choice and a new favorite snack. I cut the segments in half and he gobbles them up.

We tried mangoes for the first time Saturday morning. I'm pretty sure they aren't in season, and they're certainly not local, but they tasted pretty good, anyway. I had always been a bit sketchy about mangoes. I worked a Mexican restaurant with a 'Mango-rita' that always smelled like B.O. to me. Then I had some truly fresh mangoes in Costa Rica (they would bomb the tin roof on the patio where we were staying, sounded like a gun shot every time) and I had a change of heart. I had never cut one before. It wasn't so bad. And looks pretty cool!

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