Friday, February 26, 2010

Get Better Smoothie

Graham has an ear infection. Actually, he has two. The third time this winter. I honestly thought breastfeeding was supposed to prevent all that stuff. I thought wrong. Hopefully this nonsense will stop with spring right around the corner. Since antibiotics kill all of the bacteria, I've been giving him lots of yogurt to replace the good. For something a little different, I made a smoothie this morning. I used frozen mangoes and blueberries, a banana, plain whole yogurt, a little honey, some wheat germ and a bit of milk to loosen it all up. I didn't measure any of this since I figured I'd just drink the leftovers. Which I did, and it was good. Graham liked it, too. As well as you can like anything with a double ear infection. Poor little dude. :( This is a great way to get lots of good for you stuff into one place. I tried to put it in his sippy cup with the flip-up straw, but that cup never works. I think you have to be a vacuum cleaner to get anything through the straw so he tries to turn it up like a normal sippy cup. Instead, he had it in a glass with a bendy straw under close supervision. I am going to have to get some plastic cups with lids for this breakfast!

I found these little cups with lids and straws and they are great for the smoothie! The straws stay securely in place, but they are easy for Graham to get liquid through. They are Learning Curve Take n' Toss cups. I have some of their little snack cups, too.

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