Saturday, January 23, 2010

What's been going on...

Since I've fallen so behind on this whole blogging business, a little catch up is in order. Graham went to the doctor for his one year check-up earlier this week. He's clear for peanut butter and all that other stuff they're supposed to wait for. I started giving him whole eggs (egg white included) a few weeks before his birthday, as well as milk. He's still mostly nursing for now, but the milk is a nice supplement and great for when I'm not around. (No more expressed milk!). I introduced whole milk, and it seemed to upset his tummy a bit, so I switched to soy. Now we're back on whole milk and it seems to be going fine. He's eating three meals a day plus a few snacks in between. He loves graham crackers and gold fish. I still do some purees, but he mostly eats what we're eating or some variation of it. A few dishes from the past few months...

Macaroni and Cheese has proven to be a hit around here. This Alton Brown recipe is seriously almost as easy as the boxed stuff but so much better. I used ditalini pasta and used regular milk instead of evaporated. I'm sure the evaporated would make it even more creamy. I also like that it uses eggs...since we don't really eat meat around here, the extra protein is a plus for Graham.

You gave the baby chili?!?
I have a pretty standard chili I do...basically a sauteed onion, green pepper, maybe a carrot and/or celery, three kinds of beans (drained), a can of tomatoes, chili powder, a little brown sugar, a can of tomatoes and green chiles, some TVP (texturized vegetable protein). Pretty simple. I pull Graham's out before I add the spicy tomatoes and chili powder and mash it up a little bit.

Here's a weird little mash up. It's roasted potatoes, green peppers and onions with veggie italian sausage. We don't do too much of the meat substitutes (it is pretty processed and tends to have a lot of sodium) but I like to have it on hand for a quick dinner. And it tastes pretty good. For this, just toss veggies in olive oil and put in the oven at around 400. When it starts to get soft, throw the sliced sausage-stuff in there. You can tell Graham likes it from his stuffed face.

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