Monday, February 1, 2010

Snacks...I've been had

My original plan was to make ALL of Graham's food. Snacks, too. For obvious reasons (mainly reality) that didn't quite pan out. Which is okay...there's lots of fine stuff out there. And it travels better than my baked goods. Usually I'm a pretty avid label reader, but for some reason I skipped it this time. I bought these berry stick things, and not that they're BAD, they're just not very good. As far as I can tell, they have no nutritive value at all. Check out the label. They taste alright and Graham likes them. I'm just mad I was fooled by the whole organic packaging deal. And, on top of that, some how I ended up with TWO boxes. I'm going to try to return one. My husband says now I'll lose any future endorsements from this company. I mean, they're still better than cheese puffs.

However, I did also buy these Happy Baby puff things the same day. They were a much better choice. (Endorsement from Happy Baby?).

Truth be told, Graham really loves graham crackers the best. Funny, I know. I also really like the Earth's Best Barley Teething Biscuits. They have lots of calcium and come wrapped in packs of two, which is perfect to get us through the grocery store. I keep a few packs in his diaper bag and they almost cure a cranky baby when we're out and about. Which means Graham almost always has cookie face when we're shopping. Oh well.

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