Monday, November 16, 2009


I've been mixing some foods together, sometimes for creativity and curiosity, sometimes out of plain laziness. He loves butternut squash and applesauce mixed with a little nutmeg. It seems pretty appropriate for the season. Tonight I mixed a few thawed spinach cubes with cottage cheese. It was like a manicotti filling. He ate it up. I've been tossing all sorts of veggies in with rice for dinner. Guess that makes it more of a casserole. Or, a big bowl of mush. I've been pretty liberal with the spices, too. He even tried some curried potatoes the other night...boiled potatoes with a little yellow curry. I am a little surprised at his willingness to eat spicy foods. My sister-in-law made a great sweet potato bread pudding that was not light on cinnamon and other spice and he LOVED that. Maybe a little too much...I really didn't want to share.

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