Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pizza! and more...

It was a pretty big weekend for Graham! His daddy's birthday party Friday night, pizza last night, big breakfast this morning with a baptism and pumpkin patch visit this afternoon. Busy little dude.

Pizza is big deal around here. I think G2 would eat it everyday if I'd let him. My brother-in-law loves it so much, he's pretty much perfected his own. I even like it better than almost any other food. Seems G3 is on the same page. We went to High Point Pizza, our neighborhood favorite, with our friend (and neighbor), Danielle. I cut Graham's Margherita pizza into little bitty pieces, and he seemed to love it. It would be a little weird if he hadn't. He also had a little garlic cheese bread AND fried macaroni and cheese. So much for healthy eating. He's a going a little crazy with the pizza here. Probably high on grease.

Then, this morning for breakfast I made him an egg yolk and cheese omelet to have along with his blueberry-applesauce. I separated the egg, added a bit of water to the yolk and fried in a little oil. I dropped a little shredded cheddar in the center and folded it up to melt it. I also fried up the egg white in the microwave and Ringo got a little omelet treat, too. For the fruit, I used frozen wild blueberries since I pretty much missed blueberry season. I just thaw those and smash them in with a few thawed applesauce cubes. Texture is pretty chunky, almost like a fruit compote, and it tastes great.

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