Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Finger Foods

And ridiculous baby food face pictures. It is a baby food blog, after all...


Rice Cakes!
These are a mess. The little rice bits break off and get EVERYWHERE. But, he likes them, and Ringo is great at cleaning up the scraps.

Squash and Egg Yolks!
And after...Yikes!
The squash was peeled, cut into strips and steamed and the yolk was from a hard boiled egg and cut into chunks. I've also separated the egg, added a bit of water, and fried in a little oil like an omelet. Then cut that into manageable pieces for him to pick up.

We've also had success with "O" cereal. I bought Cascadian Farms Purely O's because they were the only ones I found without added sugar. These are the least messy of the self feedings so far.
Funny how Graham is Ringo's new BFF since he started feeding himself some...

And, just because it's cute...here is Graham helping me spin a salad.

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