Saturday, October 17, 2009


Last weekend I went to Chicago with both Grahams so G2 could run in the Chicago marathon. I opted not to try to take frozen food cubes on the plane, so jarred baby food it was. I bought quite a selection-apple sauce, summer vegetable, garden vegetable, green beans and rice...I also took some oatmeal and rice cereals, but didn't really use either of them. I did not know that they would make me take all of the jars out of the bags at security check so they could swab them. They didn't make me open them, and I have no idea what they were swabbing for. They only did this on the way there, not the way back. Other than that little hiccup, traveling with the baby was surprisingly easy. And people were very nice to us (other than a few dirty looks we got when people saw we were going to be sitting near them with a baby!). He was a trooper on the trip. Cheered on the runners right along with my friend, Michael, and I even in the 30 degree weather. Of course, he has a cold now that we're back. But he was a great traveler. And Graham, his brother, Justin, and friend, Kelly, all did great in the marathon!

Anyway, Graham was not a big fan of the jarred food. He ate it, but not like he usually eats with mouth wide open ready for the next bite. He seemed to like some better than others, but, unfortunately I had too many different kinds to keep track of what was what. I was thankful for the 'o' cereal and that the hotel had yogurt in the mornings. I was not thankful that the yogurt had sugar AND high fructose corn syrup in it. I am not under the unrealistic impression that this kid will never have sugar or something crazy, but why does yogurt with peaches need high fructose corn syrup? Of course, he loved that. I mean, who wouldn't? It seems more like pudding than yogurt! He had no problem going back to the plain old whole non flavored yogurt when we got home. We'll try to put the 'bad' stuff off for just a little longer!

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