Tuesday, October 27, 2009

California Vegetable Gratin

I don't know why carrots, broccoli and cauliflower get the label of California Vegetable Medley, but they do. I do know that fresh veggies are best, but frozen sure are easy! I opened a bag of of these veggies and steamed them until they were a little more than tender. I added a few big serving spoons of the cooking water and mashed it all up with a potato masher. I topped it with a little shredded mild white cheddar (the 'gratin'). He liked it okay...I think he's a little unsure of the in between processed baby food and chunky finger food texture. I froze the rest in cubes, curious to see how the chunky veggies freeze. Since I was making an actual turnip gratin for G2 and me, I let G3 try some of the thinly sliced, cooked turnips and he took to them more than I expected. Well, at least he stored them in his little chipmunk cheeks along with everything else as he's taken to doing these days...

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