Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Butternut Squash and Pinto Beans

For dinner tonight, I made a rustic Italian soup from a Moosewood Cookbook. I have the New Classics and it's a great cookbook I've had for years. It's main components were butternut squash and pinto beans. So, Graham had those components for dinner, too. He loves butternut squash just as much as the yellow squash we've been lucky enough to be getting all summer from Whitton Farms. He ate a LOT of butternut squash tonight while I was finishing up cooking our dinner. I baked it in a little bit of water and gave him the chunks. I have been trying out beans with him a little here and there, but just smashing them one at a time and giving them as finger food. We've tried kidney beans and black beans. He hasn't seemed to love them. So I smashed the pinto beans up with some water, more like soupy refried beans, and he loved them. I guess he's not ready for the texture as finger foods just yet. He also had a little boring old rice cereal. I have been feeding him 'baby' food along with all of these finger foods. He seems to like the combination, and I like to make sure he's actually getting some of it into his mouth.

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