Monday, September 21, 2009


We had eggs for the first time on Friday and again over the weekend. I hard-cooked the eggs then scooped out the yolk and mixed it with a little water so it wouldn't be so dry. He seemed to really like the eggs. It was a great breakfast...eggs, oatmeal, and plum-apple-pear sauce. (Two cubes of apple sauce, one each of plums and pears).

I wanted to introduce eggs because I guess I'm going to get the flu shot for him. I'm not crazy about over vaccinating, but I'm also a little freaked about the H1N1 virus, so flu shot it is. It's made using egg proteins, so I read it's a good idea to make sure babies aren't allergic to eggs before getting it. Of course, I also wanted to introduce eggs because, well, they are good. No egg whites until he's a year, though.

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