Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Everything I read says to introduce barley cereal. I can't find barley cereal anywhere, so I made it.I used bulk pearled barley. I used my immersion blender attachment to try to grind it up. Then boiled 1 cup of water and added 1/4 cup of the ground barley. I whisked and cooked for about 10 minutes. It wasn't ground fine enough and Graham didn't like it. Some of the little barley pearls were still whole.

I just don't think my equipment is powerful enough to grind this stuff into the flour it should be. I ran it in the food procesor for a long time, and it helped, but it was still pretty chunky. Graham ate it better, but it seemed like the pearls were really throwing him for a loop. I really just want to make sure he's okay with the barley so that I can move on to some baked goods. I might try the multi-grain cereal (pre-made!) again in a few weeks.

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