Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baby Food

Graham III will be 8 months old next week. I started G3 on solids a week before his 6 month birthday. He was exclusively breast fed before that. Started with Earth's Best Organic Rice Cereal with breast milk for five days. (A little long, but I was waiting to talk to the pediatrician before I jumped in. We had discussed waiting until 6 months at his previous check up).

Next up were sweet potatoes and that went great. (That time anyway). I went through most of the 'stage 1' vegetables first (sweet potatoes, yellow squash, green beans, carrots, peas) before moving on to fruits. All veggies were steamed and pureed in food processor.

Fruits introduced so far are peaches, pears, cantaloupe, bananas, plums. Peaches were steamed and pureed. Bananas just mashed. Plums boiled and skinned then pureed. Others pureed w/o cooking.

We've had two problems so far. The first with the multi-grain cereal. He seemed to get an upset stomach and have trouble sleeping after the second day. Upon further reading, I realized I should've waited until 8 months to try the wheat. So it's on the back burner for now. The second problem was with sweet potatoes. The first batch of sweet potatoes was great, but the second time I introduced them (at 7 months), he threw them all up in his crib that night. That was my first experience with changing sheets in the middle of the night. And sweet potatoes are gross coming back up. (I might not be able to eat them again for a while). I thought maybe the consistency was too thick, so the next night, I thinned them out quite a bit more. My husband was feeding him, and he did not want to eat them. He kept turning his head away. After he finally took a few bites, he spit them all up. I don't know if it was the potato (tasted fine to me and husband) or what, but we aren't doing sweet potatoes again for a while.

So far, he'll eat just about anything. He loves pears and the plums seem to be up on his list. Squash is his absolute favorite.

I am trying to prepare all organic fruits and veggies for G3, but some veggies come from our CSA from Whitton Farms, so may not be 'certified' organic. They are local and try to grow most things organically. Some peaches also came from the tree in our back yard, also not 'certified' but we certainly haven't sprayed in pesticides on it for the year and a half we've lived here. Everything but the peas have been fresh so far. The peas were organic frozen.

I am making batches of baby food and freezing in ice cube trays, about 1 oz. cubes. He started with one cube, but quickly progressed to 2 and now 3 cubes of food. As of right now, he is eating almost 3 tablespoons of cereal (rice or oatmeal) and 3 cubes of fruit for breakfast and 3 cubes of vegetable for dinner. He is nursing 5 times a day.

Tonight we try avocados.

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